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Gold Ace II, Gold/Gold in Hardback package

Gold Ace II, Gold/Gold in Hardback package

SKU: Ace-0028

Gold Ace II in Hardback package.  The Gold Ace, like its big brother the Gold Fusion GT, is a sight to behold. The first generation had some issues regarding sleeping due to a minor engineering design flaw and subsequently, never had a large production run making this yoyo extremely desirable and very collectible.


• 24K Gold Plated, non-laser engraved

• Butterfly Shape Design, modeled after the Cold Fusion GT yoyo

• Extremely low production run

• Comes in Playmaxx Hardback Package

• Includes extra Bumble Bee string and extra set of brake pads

• Rare meter • • • • • 5/5

• Condition meter • • • • • 5/5

•  Estimated Value $350.00


*Museum only piece, not currently for sale*

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