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Build-A-Skill Yoyo Company was created By Jess and Coleen in April, 2000 as a way to reach students and adults in an effort to teach the lost art of how to effectively use old-school toys.  Success was very evident from the start in their instructing ventures and their philosophy of creating a way to help keep kids occupied from the dangers of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol rings true to this day.  Sadly, Coleen passed away in early December 2012, but Jess still continues to run the program, visiting after-care centers, P.E. school departments and a myriad of other events.  They have been featured in several media outlets over the years, including;


• Newspaper (Arizona Daily Star, Bear Essential, Eloy Enterprise,etc.)

• Television (Fox 10 News Phoenix, in conjunction with Bookmans)

• Radio stations including 96.1 KLPX and KSAZ 580AM.

Teaching this lost art of eye-hand coordination through the use of Skill Toys, Jess has honed his skills as an instructor to teach and develop those skills to students and adults in a matter of minutes, reducing the time spent from the usual frustrating days and weeks of practice on one's own.  Whether it is an individual session or a group session as high as 40+ people at a time, no one can teach as effectively as BAS Yoyo Co.  After over two decades of instructing, beginners and advanced users always come away better equipped than than they were when they first started the class sessions.

We are generally available to bring the program to you within the states of Arizona (home base), New Mexico and Southern California.  Contact information can be found below.

        Our reputation as THE BEST yoyo company for instruction is 

      unsurpassed.  Try us today and youll see why we cant be beat!

The Eloy Enterprise

    Sept 19, 2013

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