Higby Mr Yodel 2000 Box for Box sets

Higby Mr Yodel 2000 Box for Box sets

SKU: Higby-024

Hand painted box that Higby used for his Mr Yodel numbered box sets.  Each section held one yoyo in a special hand-painted Tin (cold Fusion 'Naked Tins') that contained a yoyo, intergalactic hand-colored string and were numbered collectible yoyo's.  Some numbered yoyo's did not contain tins (or their contents of string) and were used as displaying the actual yoyo's (as shown.)  This series of 4 yoyo's are the original 4 that came in the box.  These yoyo's are numbered 500, 512, 564 and 589 as featured in the Higby section.

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