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5th Annual World Proyo Championships Roadster

5th Annual World Proyo Championships Roadster

SKU: Roadster-002

The Roadster saw a few different editions in its short-lived production, one of those being the Special Edition 5th Annual World  Proyo Championships held in Mesa Arizona in November of 2000.  The Roadster was a large size wood yoyo that lacked in completing complicated tricks, but more than made up for it in being a great yoyo for looping and sleeping.  The Roadster never saw a huge production run, much less for this Special Edition and quanitites were limited at the Proyo Championships, making this Playmaxx Wood edition yoyo very collectible.


•  Regular shape Design, very large yoyo

•  Low Production run

•  Non-Packaged, loose product

•  One side is not engraved

•  Rare meter  • • • • • 4.5/5

•  Condition meter  • • • • •

•  Estimated Value $


*Museum only piece, not currently for sale*

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