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Blue Stunt Pilot

Blue Stunt Pilot

SKU: SPilot-001

This amazing Stunt Pilot in light blue is the first yoyo of its kind to double as a Top. The propellors on both sides allowed the yoyo to be spun as a top.  Playmaxx achieved this feat etching a tiny notch into the design which can be spotted along the outer rim. Not only is the Stunt Pilot an amazing yoyo and Top, but can also be used to do Off-string tricks, which was the initial design qualiifcation.  Production only saw this yoyo in the GT Butterfly shape version.  The production run was low, as was typical with a lot of Playaxx yoyo's, especially towards the end of the ownership of the company by the Tom and Hans Van Dan Elzen.  All of these features havs eade the Stunt PIlot one of the most sought after Playmaxx yoyo's in its history.


•  Butterfly Shape Design

•  Low Production run

•  Non-Packaged, loose yoyo

•  Rare meter  • • • • • 4.5/5

•  Condition meter  • • • • • 5/5

•  Estimated Value $


*Museum only piece, not currently for sale*

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