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Special Edition Nuclear Ace #093 in Hardback package

Special Edition Nuclear Ace #093 in Hardback package

SKU: Ace-0040

Special Edition Nuclear Ace (Ace II) in Hardback package, #093.  These Special Edition limited-run Nuclear Aces were introduced and sold at the 2000 World's Competition in Chandler, Arizona and they went quick!  The Second Generation fixed the issues of sleeping and response that plagued the Ace 1. These yoyo's were a limited edition run and are hard to find.


• Anodized in Glow-in-the-dark material

• Butterfly Shape Design, modeled after the Cold Fusion GT yoyo

• Production numbered, 1-100

• Comes in Playmaxx Hardback Package

• Includes extra Bumble Bee string and extra set of brake pads

• Rare meter  • • • • • 5/5

• Condition meter  • • • • • 5/5

•  Estimated Value $0.00

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